Save energy by having your entire home heating system properly maintained

The experts at KLM Heating in Ancaster, Ontario, know the importance of having an efficient home heating system. The KLM Heating technicians are Hamilton’s leading heating and cooling contractors with over 20 years’ experience, offering professional and reliable heating and cooling services that include new build installations, repairs and maintenance. Read More


Building a home heating business on passion and experience

The KLM Heating team in Ancaster, Ontario, has over 20 years’ experience in giving people the ultimate in home comfort by making sure their heating and air conditioning systems are in optimal working condition. For almost 15 years, the KLM Heating team gained experience and honed their skills while working for another highly reputable heating company. Read More


Keep your cool with regularly scheduled air-conditioning system maintenance

The KLM Heating team in Ancaster, Ontario, knows how inconvenient and expensive a poorly functioning air-conditioning system can be in your home or place of business. This is why they recommend that you have your air-conditioning system on a regular maintenance schedule, and serviced at least once a year. Read More


Why the ductwork system in your home needs to be in good working order

The expert technicians at KLM Heating in Ancaster, Ontario, want to ensure the ductwork system in your home is functioning properly and efficiently. Air ducts are responsible for pushing the cool and warm air from your heating and air-conditioning systems throughout your home. This means that an efficient ductwork system is the most important component of both your heating and cooling systems. Read More


Beat dry winter air with a whole-home humidification system

The team at KLM Heating in Ancaster, Ontario, understands how uncomfortable the dry air can become in your home during the winter months. One suggestion they have to bring moisture back into your house is by having a whole-home humidification system installed. A full-service heating and air conditioning company, KLM Heating offers many services, including installing a whole-home humidification system directly into your existing heating and cooling systems. Read More


Local contractor offers high-end HVAC services

At KLM Heating in Ancaster, we are your preferred choice for superior HVAC products and services. Proudly serving the Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Burlington, Grimsby, and surrounding areas, we provide our clients with a wide range of exceptional HVAC services to meet all of their home comfort needs. Read More


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